Personalized Gifts

Something Just for Them!

No doubt a personalized gift just says something special about the thought and care that went into its selection. Choose from a wide variety of gift items that you may have engraved with initials, names or dates or a combination. Special requests? Just let us know and we will see how we can honor your request.

11.75 oz. Square Round "Double Old Fashioned" Glass GG-L53
11.5 oz. Swirl "Double Old Fashioned" Glass GG-L51
13.5 oz. Square Round "Highball" Glass GG-L54
14 oz. Swirl "Highball" Cocktail Glass GG-L52
26 oz. "Low-Ball" Square Round Decanter GG-L40
26 oz. "Square Round" Decanter GG-L39
300 Chip "Pro Poker Set" w/ Case JDS-GC255
4 oz. "Spectrum Colored" Leather Flask JDS-GC418
The "5th Avenue" 5 oz. Z-stem Martini Glass GG-AA70
8 oz. "Leather" Flask JDS-GC267
Aluminum "Wedding Picture" Frame RI-KPSFU400G
"Apple of My Eye" Key Chain  RI-KPSTO90K
"Black Betty" Leather 12 oz. Koozie JDS-GC483
"Blues Boy" Stainless Steel Harmonica JDS-GC414
"Brushed Chrome" Zippo Lighter JDS-GC495
"Bouquet" Coffee Mug JDS-GC494
"Big Easy" (23 oz.) Grand Pilsner JDS-GC237
"Brushed" Key Chain Bottle Opener JDS-GC248
"Business Man's" Leather Manicure & Shoe Polishing Kit JDS-GC283
The 25 oz. "Gold-Rimmed" Mug JDS-GC149
The 25 oz. "Silver-Rimmed" Mug JDS-GC215
"Best of Times" Groomsman Picture Frame JDS-GC514
"Bottle Opener" Key Chain RI-KPST905E
Bond "Rubber Grip" 13-Function Army Knife JDS-GC276
"Brushed" Oval Cufflinks JDS-GC281
Brushed (4 oz.) Flask and Zippo Lighter Gift Set JDS-GC410
"Brushed Silver" Square Cufflinks JDS-GC259
Classic" 14.5 oz. Pilsner Glass JDS-GC124
"Cigar" Holder / "Flask" Combo JDS-GC154
Classic "Crystal" Mini-Football GG-J29
Classic "Crystal" Mini-Baseball GG-J27
"Casual" Leather Bracelet JDS-GC288
Corporate "Alloy" Pen Mug RI-KPSTO610V
Corporate "Black Leather" Clock Key Chain RI-KPSTO16K
Connoisseur "Red Wine" Glass JDS-GC409
Connoisseur "White Wine" Glass JDS-GC408
"Classy" Silver-Plated Bottle Opener JDS-GC195
"Classy" Silver Pocket Watch JDS-GC225
Candy Striped" Tote Bag JDS-GC507
Customized "Black Ice" Zippo Lighter JDS-GC203
Dashing "Dollar Signs" Cufflinks w/ Personalized Box JDS-GC658 ($)
"Dalton" Folding Money Clip JDS-GC265
"Embroidered" Golf Towel JDS-GC513
El' Cuba "Cherry Wood" Humidor JDS-GC151
The "Executive" Lock-Back Knife JDS-GC181
"Elegant Moments" Ivory Bracelet CC-B9272SI
"Elegant" Napa Valley Wine Set GG-WD15
Engraved "Shot Glass" JDS-GC262
The "Executive" Putter Set JDS-GC252
Ferdinand (18 oz.) Mug JDS-GC405
Gentlemen’s "Stainless Steel" (4 oz.) Leather Flask JDS-GC126
"Executive" Key Chain Golf Divot Tool JDS-GC158
"Gold Rimmed" Toasting Glass JDS-GC150
Green Plaid (8 oz.) "Scottish" Flask JDS-GC482
"Golf Theme" Boxed Wine Set GG-WD16
"Handy Andy" Multi-Tool (brush handle) JDS-GC170
"Handy Andy" Multi-Tool (black handle) JDS-GC162
"Harrison Clever" Money Clip Wallet JDS-GC266
"High Polished Brass" Square Cufflinks JDS-GC260
"High Polished" Oval Cufflinks JDS-GC282
"High Polished" Silver Pocket Watch JDS-GC242
"High Polished" Stainless Steel (7 oz.) Flask JDS-GC178
"Genuine" Rosewood Pen & Case JDS-GC101
The "Original" 25 oz. Sports Mug JDS-GC117
Personalized "Stainless Steel" Flask JDS-GC118
"Classic" 14.5 oz. Pilsner Glass JDS-GC124
Gentlemen’s "Stainless Steel" Leather Flask (4 oz.) JDS-GC126
"Monogram" Keepsake Box JDS-GC129
"Personalized" Chrome Zippo Lighter JDS-GC140
The "Best Man Special" (25 oz.) Gold-Rimmed Mug JDS-GC149
El' Cuba" Humidor JDS-GC151
"Cigar" Holder / "Flask" Combo JDS-GC154
"Stainless Steel" Key Chain & Golf Divot JDS-GC158
"NYC" Cocktail Shaker JDS-GC161
"Lil Tractor" Toy Bank JDS-GC167
"Lil Train" Toy Bank JDS-GC168
The "Original" 13 oz. Sports Mug JDS-GC175
"Silver Plated" (7 oz.) Can Koozie JDS-GC177
"High Polished" Stainless Steel Flask JDS-GC178
"Smart" Money Clip/ C.C. Holder JDS-GC179
The "Executive" Lock-Back Knife JDS-GC181
"Major League" Baseball w/ stand JDS-GC188
"Stainless Steel" Wine Bottle Stopper JDS-GC189
"Personal" Leather Toiletry Bag JDS-GC191
"Classy" Silver-Plated Bottle Opener JDS-GC195
Key Chain "Bottle Opener JDS-GC248
"Leather" Business Card Case JDS-GC279
The "Leather" Desk Caddie JDS-GC493
The "Logan Deluxe" Travel Duffle Bag JDS-GC294
"Leather" Money Clip / Card Holder JDS-GC210
"Leather" Valet Tray JDS-GC263
"Leather Wrapped" Writing Pen JDS-GC402
"Miami Beach" Tote 'm Bag JDS-GC506
"Marlon" Brushed Silver Cufflinks JDS-GC261
"Monogram" Cherry Wood Keepsake Box JDS-GC129
Metro Leather "Wallet/Money Clip JDS-GC280
Metro "NYC" Cork Screw JDS-GC412
Metro "NYC" Wine Stopper JDS-GC286
"Monogram" Island Shot Glass JDS-GC406
"Monogram" Keepsake Box JDS-GC129
Money Clip & Key Chain Gift Set #2 RI-KPSTO3VS
Money Clip & Key Chain Gift Set JDS-GC413
Modern "Silver Clock" Key Chain RI-KPSTO2V1F
Mr. & Mrs." Black/White Wedding Frame JDS-GC430
The "Manhattan Special" 5 oz. Flask JDS-GC441
"My Heart Link" Bracelet CC-B9274S
"NYC" 20 oz. Cocktail Shaker JDS-GC161
NFL "Team Logo" Emblem Money Clip JDS-GC284
"NYC" Monogram Cufflinks JDS-GC202
"Nickel Plated" Large Dog Tag JDS-GC417
"Nickel Plated" Small Dog Tag JDS-GC416
"Nappa Valley" Personalized Wine Box JDS-GC223
"NY Metro" Tote 'm Bag JDS-GC505
The "Original" 13 oz. Sports Mug JDS-GC175
The "Original" 25 oz. Sports Mug JDS-GC117
"Mini" Engraved Baseball Bat JDS-GC258
"Old West" BBQ Branding Iron TOGP-IBI
Oxford (8 oz.) Flask w/ Shot JDS-GC275
"Personalized" Chrome Zippo Lighter JDS-GC140
"Personalized" Classic-Mini Basketball MB-M0071BNBA
"Personalized" Mini-Football Helmet MH-00041470
"Personalized" Mini-Football MB-F1692NFL
"Personalized" Distinction Shot Glass JDS-GC407
Personalized "Freshwater Pearl" Pendant Jewelry Set CC-S9262S
Personalized "Golf Shoe" Bag JDS-GC663
Personalized "Golf" Coaster Set JDS-GC269Golf
Personalized "Golf" Stein JDS-GC270(Golf)
Personalized "Golf " Tavern Sign JDS-GC268Golf
Personalized "Heavy Weight" Charm Bracelet CC-1510
Personalized "jute" Wine Bag RI-KPS25GQ
Personalized "MLB Clubhouse Print" w/ Matted Frame JDS-GC727
Personalized "Millennium" Flask JDS-GC652
Personalized "NFL Locker Room Print" w/ Matted Frame JDS-GC726
Personalized "Pearl Bracelet" w/ Locket Charm CC-B9156SW
Personalized "Rhinestone" Toggle Bracelet CC-B9161S
Personalized "Silver Bead" Bracelet CC-B9269S
Personalized "Slim Cuff" Bracelet CC-B9155S
Personalized "Signature" Frame JDS-GC659
Personalized "Silver Picture Frame Clock RI-KPSTO770S
Personalized "Sterling Silver" Heart Charm Bracelet JDS-GC217
Personalized "Stainless Steel" 4 oz. Flask JDS-GC118
Personalized "Wide Cuff" Bracelet CC-B9154S
Personalized "Woody Filet" Knife JDS-GC654
The "Perfect Fit" Key Chain RI-KPSTO100G
The "Perfect Fit" Paper Weight & Clock RI-KPSTO140G
The "Perfect Fit" Picture Frame RI-KPSTO550G
"Personalized" Golf Academy Plaque JDS-GC295
"Personalized" Heart Necklace CC-N9150S
"Pretty in Pink" Sports Bag JDS-GC508
Personal "Leather" Toiletry Bag JDS-GC191
"Personalized" NFL Can Koozie JDS-GC403
"Personalized" Pub Signs JDS-GC268
"Personalized" Soft-Sided Cooler JDS-GC444
"Personalized" Wine Coasters JDS-GC454
"Personalized" Rosewood Pen w/ Case JDS-GC101
Round "Pendant" Necklace JDS-GC293
Round "Silver" Key Chain JDS-GC198
White "Romance" Pearl Bracelet CC-GB9270SW
"Regency" Silver Plated Cufflinks JDS-GC485
"Silver Fish" Bookmark & Letter Opener RI-KPSTO180G
The "Sportsman's" Gift Set JDS-GC411
Silver "Fortune Cookie" Key Chain RI-KPSTO15T
Silver "Key to my Heart" Key Chain w/ Tag RI-KPSTO1T
"Smart" Money Clip/ C.C. Holder JDS-GC179
"Simplicity" Pearl Bracelet CC-B9271SW
The "Sales Person Special" Carbon Fiber Pen JDS-GC401
"Silver Plated" Business Card Case JDS-GC196
S. S. Charm Bracelet JDS-GC289
S. S. Plated" 512MB USB Flash Key Chain JDS-GC486
The "S. S. Plated" Money Clip/ Luggage Tag Set JDS-GC487
"Stainless Steel" Oval ID Bracelet JDS-GC291
"Stainless Steel" Wine Bottle Stopper JDS-GC189
"Silver-Plated" Train Bank JDS-GC199
S. S. "Tiffany Style" Charm Bracelet JDS-GC217
"Silver-Plated" Yo Yo JDS-GC197
"Unique" Triangular (6 oz.) Flask JDS-GC484
"The Executive" Woven Metal Pen JDS-GC400
"Classic" Toasting Glass JDS-GC130
"True Sportsmen's" Gift Set JDS-GC411
"Triple Strand" Heart Bracelet CC-B9273S
Wine Accessory "Portable" Gift Set JDS-GC219
"Elegant" Wood Photo Frame RI-KPS149HY
The "Yukon Jack" Multi-Tool JDS-GC214

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